March 27, 2011

Writing Prompt 1

I recently came across a really great blog called “Mama’s Losin it”….with all her writing prompts I’ve decided to incorporate one question per week. 

Writing Prompt 1. 

Ask a loved one to use 6 descriptive words to describe you and report your findings. How well do they know you?

I’ve decided to ask more than just one loved one and ask 3…which are my oldest children, I would have asked the Misters kids but I can only imagine their 6 descriptive words (wicked step mom, not my mom, who cares) ,so last night I asked my son to come up with 6 words that describe me….he just gave me this look like “is there a catch?”. I made sure that he knew this was part of my blog exercise so he will not get in trouble, grounded or hurt my feelings. 

14 year old (son):
Dog lover, overly protective (meaning the computer), ….in his words “wants everything to be perfect”…you mean anal or structured?? I asked. …."a little bit of both", pushy (like right now when I’m asking for six things about me), Funny, caring, hard worker. 

Then it came to ask my 17 year old…..she quickly came up with 6 things……but I have a feeling if I asked today she’d come up with a total different set of 6 words… being  the big B word, which would just end her up being grounded. I just don’t think she needed to sleep in any longer …..geez it was 1pm already!!

17 year old daughter : 
Pretty, fun, protective,  hard worker,  animal lover, artistic (writing) 

I then texted my daughter in college to come up with 6 questions…..she told me that she didn’t want to play this game. I explained it wasn’t a game and she wouldn’t get in trouble ……I told her that I just needed 6 words, not 6 sentences or paragraphs.

College daugther: 
Planner , dreamer, perceptive, hopeful, organized, motherly

so overall nothing shocked me......I know that i can be over protective at times but what parents isn't.

.....Go ahead and try this writing prompt and see what you come up with!!!