March 26, 2011

I think we just inhaled too much dust!!!

Wondering what I’m talking about, well for the last week at work we have been preparing ourselves for our move to a new building. Which entails cleaning up our cubicles that were circa 1974, tossing out things we no longer need and old meeting notes that are dated 2006 aren’t really relevant now.
Friday we all came in early….and when I mean early, I mean my ass was up at 5:15 to roll into work at 6am. I understand there are some of you that are frequent 6 o'clockers but I just can’t do it, my brain just can’t function. I only proved that point that morning when I sat in front of my computer looking at it with a blank stare. “what’s my log in” and “what the heck am I doing here this early the sun isn’t up yet” were thoughts that kept weaving it’s way into my brain. 

As the day went on, desks and boxes were being moved out of the office all the while we still had to continue to work among all the chaos of people cleaning and taping up their boxes…..a sound that I just can’t stand now…that sound is so loud and obnoxious, seriously I can understand if you are sending a box across country and all that tape is going to keep it from falling apart during the flight and being tossed around….but we are moving just down the street…so I truly doubt the 10 stripes of tape is truly necessary!!  Now, with all the hustle and bustle there are bound to be unnecessary bits of crudeness that emerge from someone’s demeanor. 

As some of you may know working in a big facility or even a small facility groups are formed ….just like cliques are formed in high school these groups are usually formed in what department you may be in…..billers, patient accts, follow up, cash posters etc.……well, some groups aren’t easily offended and sometimes merge with other groups…because that’s what an adult does!! This isn’t high school……some adults refuse these little workplace cliques and mind there own business…..but sometimes enough is just enough. 

Lunch approached and some of the girls decided to go and get some food and while eating their lunch a woman came in and got offended because no one asked her or her group if they were hungry or wanted something to eat. To this little rant another woman stops the other gals rant and pretty much told her “seriously you are doing this now….a day when everyone is moving?” the other girl continues to rant about no one coming over to see if they wanted anything and then she got an ear full, the other girl stated that she never asks anyone other than her cliquemates if they would like something and she has a car and legs so she and the other s can get their own lunch. To this …..I held my invisible glass filled with Malibu rum and coke and said “right on!”.  It just brought me back to when those popular girls would just have their way…and no one had the guts to say anything. 

I just think everyone was just in a moving frenzy……and attitudes just got the best of them…..but wow what a way to end a day!!