March 28, 2011

Table for ....................One

The Mister is a waiter for a four star restaurant here in town and let me begin to say this restaurant happens to have some amazing Mediterranean food.  So I was a bit surprised when the Mister asked if I would like to come to the restaurant and he’d buy me dinner. Mind you, he would be working and I would be ………. “Just one”.  

When I was single I didn’t mind being “just one” at a restaurant or at a movie theater. When the kids where off with their dad I would grab a book and head on to a café and enjoy a nice meal with my book or I’d treat myself to the movies. It was a bit freeing and I enjoyed it!

I rarely do that now and I’m not sure why ……………… don’t get me wrong I do enjoy my quiet nights where I can write or catch up on blogs or just do me things, but going to a restaurant and sitting in the lounge area having dinner alone watching the dinner crowd roll in………without a book is just a little intimidating…..but I went. 

The beginning of dinner went fairly well, I got my glass of wine, had too much of the bread and started to catch the Mister up on my day. When I would start a sentence he’d stop me mid sentence to go take care of a customer, when he’d come back he would start small talk which I thought was the green light to start again. Nope, I was wrong……I finished my wine fairly quickly hoping he’d notice that my glass was empty and to refill it…..but he never noticed.  When my food came, he’d come over and stare at the yummy creation and again …small talk…I mimic him and answered in very short answers. I watched him tend to table after table, making sure their visit was pleasant all the while I’m hoping he’d catch my glance so I can ask for more wine.  Seriously, me being his wife he probably thought that I don’t require that much attention at the restaurant but…..I’m still technically a patron and should still get the same sort of attention…..right??  After picking at my main course ….trying to get what little drop there was from my wine glass and trying not to give into the smell of freshly warm bread on my table. I decided that I should call it a night. It took me 3 attempts to get a box, each time I would hear “hold on”, “give me a minute”……annoyed I sat there watching him attend to the 4 tables surrounding me over and over again. SHIT!! Ok, so I understand that he’s paying for my dinner….and I wouldn’t really be leaving him a tip …but he could have received a nice tip at home in our bedroom. Once he made it to my table he then asked if I wanted a glass of wine………………..seriously??? no I want a damn box!! …. I didn’t say that but I was thinking it. 

Fast forward to 10 minutes ago…..the Mister comes home and tells me that I hurt his feelings.Hmmmm….when? he tells me that when I made a comment that he wasn’t very attentive it hurt his feelings. Then he continued on saying that he had other tables and that I’m his wife. Baffled, I replied “Yeah….and you invited me to dinner, wife or not!! I was at one of your tables and deserve the same treatment.  I shouldn’t have had to wait for a glass of wine or be asked if I wanted one …when I am all set to leave”

So …. I guess this is just another one of those “agree to disagree” moments…….I just learned my lesson, and if I come and visit him at work I will make sure I am in someone else’s section and then he can visit me.  He’ll be happy and I will be happy…..and my wine glass will be filled!!