March 19, 2011

Fireproof - The Movie

For the past year I've been hearing about the movie Fireproof from family and friends and how wonderful this movie is. All I knew about the movie was it featured  a couple dealing with their failing marriage and the journey back to one another.....honestly the reason why I didn't want to watch it a year ago was because I knew it would hit too close to home. The Mister and I were under going our own journey so I just didn't want to see some movie that would just have me in tears and bring up some unnecessary conversation.

So last night since we were kidless the Mister and I decided to watch it. I couldn't believe how right on this movie was.It hit on arguements over jobs, finances, housework , outside interests, boundaries and addiction.

Close to enter into divorce proceedings, Caleb's (Kirk Cameron) father callenges him to commit to a 40-day experient" THE LOVE DARE" and he agrees for his fathers sake more than for his marriage. He definately discovers the callenges which are tied to his limited faith.The He said She said clips brought back memories and the feeling of helplessness the characters encountered hit too close to home.  What I loved about this movie , the part that really started the tears to flow was when Caleb grew frustrated because he wasn't seeing the results as he had hoped and asked his father "How am I suppose to show love to somebody who constantly rejects me?" and then the father boldly told him that the Lord continues to show him love even when he has rejected him for years. The father explained to Caleb  that he needed the Lord no matter if he thought so or not and once HE GOT IT and broke down , his arrogance was shattered by his faith and in time everything started to turn around. Yeah....he had struggles, he wanted to give up many times but he learned patience and love not only for his wife but for the Lord.

This was an amazing movie and a must watch for couples. You will see yourself more than a few times in each of the main characters and it will also give you insight on your own marriage ....strong or not.