March 21, 2011

Daycation to Temecula

With the busyness of our lives, the Mister and I made a promised to each other that we will make Sundays “our day”. We go to church and then plan a date day, normally we have been taking little daycations either to different wineries or to see the snow covered hills or share a nice dinner and go see a movie.  We find that if we don’t take this time for us than we can lose focus on US and let the other  things just consume us………like spring cleaning, rearranging cupboards, cleaning the outside of the house, just the run of the mill chores…which I try to get done the day before or surgeries, which one is coming up in just a few weeks. The Mister is scheduled to have another hip replacement which will keep him down for about a month.

We decided to head to Temecula once again to do some wine tasting. The last time we drove down the main wine road, Rancho California and this time we wanted to try the wineries on the other side of the hill, but before that we were told by a good friend to try South Coast winery (on the main drag) , let me tell you that we were so highly impressed and a little tipsy (I was) that I was ready to call it a day, besides Weins and South Coast we really didn’t have to go any place else, but the Mister wanted us to move along… we did, to the other side of the hill. The first winery we came to looked pleasant and the view was just amazingly beautiful but their wine….uh not so good, I didn’t even want to continue with our wine tastings….but we did still we were not impressed. Off to the next ….disappointment. What was it about the wineries on this side of the mountain? The third winery that we visited was alright but still nothing that would be memorable. I had given up and told the Mister that we just had to go back to the main road and head on over to our favorite winery….by that time I was getting a little bit sick and it wasn’t because of the wine consumption because it hadn’t been much. The 2 wineries that weren’t much to mention had not agreed with me whatsoever and when we arrived to Weins I wasn’t feeling much for tasting any wines and by the time I started tasting their heavenly concoctions my taste buds had already gone through a journey of their own and nothing tasted good.

After wine tasting and feeding our bellies we headed home and yes I was aware that we may hit rain and yes I heard the weathermen state that we were to have heavy rain fall, but seriously when are they ever right? well let me tell you…..they were right this time and I don’t do well driving in the rain, even though I was just the passenger I still went into full anxiety mode.  It didn’t help that the Mister was driving 70mph while sheets of rain were coming down, or the SUV I saw flipped on to its side on the other side of the freeway or the feeling that I was about to toss my cookies due to the dinner I ate, the bad wine and the insanely bad weather that had my nerves all in a knot. The Mister noticed that I was nervous and slowed it down a bit but my nerves just couldn’t settle not even with his “I’m a good driver and watch what is happening with the cars in front of us”….the thing is it was dark, cold, windy and raining buckets of water you can’t see puddles in the dark and the last thing I needed was for some moron driving not paying attention and cause an accident.  We finally made it home 2 hours later and headed straight into the bathroom and tossed my cookies, took 2 tylenol because due to my nerves I had a tension headache……then went to bed, thanked GOD for our safe return and cuddled with my puppies!!