February 19, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend

My children are with their dad, the Mister is working and it’s just me, the pups and my lap top…..Rain  is falling outside, the news is on in the background and miss Lily is snoring away while she’s laying next to her ball and her mangled bone. 

I find it very entertaining that the weather man is claiming SNOW tonight while “storm watch” flashes above his head.  I would love to wake up and find a winter wonderland in my front yard but that’s highly unlikely.  Now, the weatherman is stating the town that I live in is “dry as a bone”…..hmmmm nope you got that wrong Mr. weatherman!!! It’s raining. 

It's time to log off for the night, grab a cup of hot coco, a warm blanket and the book that I've been trying to finish......with the house this quiet I should take full advantage of "me time". 

I hope everyone has a very safe and enjoyable weekend!!!