January 24, 2011

To step on the scale or not.....is the BIG question

When we were planning to get married in May I was all about the gym. I wanted to look fabulous…well ok somewhat fabulous. At times I worked out twice a day, every day in the gym then I would workout at home. I got firm in places I haven’t been firm in years!! Well…since high school. I felt good…..i felt healthy.  Then……the wedding was canceled.  

The stress of the cancellation, repairing the relationship, our trips to the councilor to reconnect, money lost and unsure about the future……I gained weight. It wasn’t quick…..but the pounds came on and the trips to the gym became less frequent. I just didn’t care. 

Fast forward to a half a year later, we did get married……but I wasn’t that fabulous self that I wanted to be. My clothes are tighter and I see myself in pictures and I’m very disappointed. I got comfortable….I allowed myself not to care. I can't even find myself to approach the scale, i don't need to .....i feel it the tightness of my clothes and i see it when i look at myself in the mirror.

Well now it’s time to care and be an example. So tomorrow I’m heading to the gym with Karen to be her gym partner, she’s on the crunch to look her fabulous self on Valentines day when she becomes a Mrs. It’s time to feel the burn once again. It’s time to put down the pizza and grab a carrot !!