January 21, 2011

Friendship gone awry

My friendship with my good friend has been strained for a month or so. We didn’t have an argument, not that I can recall. We use to hang out all the time especially at work and on the weekends with our husbands. I was dumbfounded when invites were being declined and life changing events were being heard through the grape vine….when I use to be the head grape!!  It wasn’t until I confronted her the 2nd time regarding the obvious tension that I was told that she feels that we disconnected because of my friendship the girls that I work with and although she understands that I sit by them for 8 hours she feels that we have lost touch. Ok I’m sorry are we back in grade school???  I was a bit shocked by t his because for the first time since we became friends she is truly showing her age (24). I told her that there is no reason to feel jealous or neglected, but she also has to remember that we have invited her and her spouse out many times and they declined. We even invited them out to join us tonight to go out with us for a belated birthday celebration and an excuse followed shortly. Now, the mister wants me to talk to her some more…………..i looked at him straight in the eye and explained that I’m 37 , not 10 years old and have no desire to play games or beg for a friendship or try to explain to someone that she’s just needs to grow up because being jealous for no reason in just plain ridiculous.