August 03, 2011

Out with the old in with the new????

If you were without T.V, twitter access, hiding under a rock or just plainly didn't give a hoot; you would have heard that Ashley finally found love and picked JP. All I can say is congrats and Thank God she didn’t pick Ben.  I truly hope that he isn’t the next bachelor but yet again maybe he could parlay that into the spokesman for Geico ……but seriously he has a sister couldn’t see assist him on a new hairstyle?

A new show came out last night  and no it has nothing to do with strangers falling in love in  2 months or who can make the best concoction with duck liver, mango, ostrich egg and a toothpick. It’s called “Take the money and run” which rewards the contestants based on if they can out smart detectives ………I guess if you can think like a thief and lie like a lawyer this game is for you.

It peaked my interest the first 30 minutes but when it came to the interrogation of the weaker brother to the point that he caved with 16 hours left to go before they were rewarded the 100k I just rolled my eyes and wished I never would have wasted my time. I’m not sure what got to him…….alone in a cell by himself for only 48 hours....geez I could have thought of things to entertain myself for 48 hours!! the interrogation wasn’t harsh I’ve seen worse on CSI or In Plain sight. I seriously think the younger brother was just going through video game and mommy withdrawals….ohh did I forget to mention he was in his 30’s? as far as the other brother he was good at keeping the investigators at bay and not letting their kindergarten tactics interfere with possibly winning 100k but what he wasn’t aware of was his brother being torn down in the other room. I truly doubt I will be watching this show again.