June 30, 2011

Simply not invited!

The last family reunion I attended was right before I left Wisconsin to move back to California. I have known that family reunions have come and gone with no invitations ever coming in the mail. I wasn’t really bothered because I knew I would see my family members…aunts…uncles…cousins at my sisters wedding renewal ceremony. That was 3 years ago.

During mommy and daddy dearest recent visit they happen to ask if I was going to the reunion. Perplexed I asked “what reunion?” , “ohh you didn’t get your invitation? I gave you them your address”.My mother said. My dad responded "oh we haven't received our invitation yet either".... Then the conversation dropped.  No mention of the reunion. I figured that it was probably in a couple months and I would see something pop in the mail soon. ….wrong. I was made aware 2 days ago by my sister that the reunion is this weekend and that she received the invitation last month and an email regarding the reunion.  This weekend!!!  I then go back to my conversation with M&D dearest and they never really told me when the reunion was and why would they ask if I was going to the reunion when they knew I hadn’t planned any trips to Illinois or Wisconsin, and knowing how they are, I truly doubt they gave my address or email address to anyone.

Would you have gone? Has been the question that’s been thrown around and in all honesty…..if I planned it right and the money was there then yes I would have went. I wouldn’t have gone to see M&D dearest, I would have gone to see my sister, nephews and other family members especially my cousins. It should have been my decision not the decision of my parents.

---God knows I need a vacation. 

I called the mister and told him that I emailed the lady who is putting on the reunion, just to make sure she was given my address like my parents had claimed. I also mentioned to the mister that if I had the money I would book a flight right now and head to the reunion this saturday. Then out of no where the mister says "is that why  you have alot of animosity towards me?"......I asked what was he talking about. He then says that he feels that because he isn't working much and money isn't coming in that I am upset with him because I can't go................OK excuse me!!  I wanted to say that is wasn't about him and for him to turn it around in that manner was completely unbelievable....but I kept my thoughts to myself and said he had nothing to do with this and I'm just annoyed because I never had the opportunity to think about it....and plan..... but the thought of being able to show up at the reunion and see the shock look on my parents faces would be priceless!!!