March 01, 2011

Took me an hour but I'm finally unzipped!!!

Finally unzipped!

So it took me umpteen times but I finally figured out how to unzip a file. I have a feeling the geek squad would have had a field day with me if they were watching me try to unzip a file. I’m currently working on a blog for the Mister and I to share our weekend getaways with the blogworld. So I found a template that we both agreed on….but it was zipped.  Well after a glass of merlot and a cookie later I figured out that you just can’t upload a zip file….you have to unzip it first? Seriously, who thought of this?? Some complicated techie? So there I go to my favorite site…

Now some sites were helpful and some where just plain confusing for a girl who seriously turned her brain off at 5pm. My brain is going non-stop at work from 8-5pm, so it wasn’t about to comprehend anything other than HOW TO pictures.  Just imagine the surprise when I finally got it….I yelled to the MISTER that I did it! He wasn’t that excited…..only if he knew that I’ve been trying to unzip for the last hour. 

I bet if I was trying to unzip something lacy and revealing he would care a little bit more.