March 01, 2011

Thank God for Google

Thank God for Google.

After our nice family outing in Buena Park on Sunday, we decided to drive through Los Angeles. The Mister told the kids if they looked to the right they would see the Hollywood sign.  Well….we never saw the Hollywood sign from the freeway so I suggested we go find it. How hard could it be right, 8 huge white letters on a mountain? We were going around in circles, up and down streets…still  nothing……so instead of hearing the kids in the back get inpatient and the Mister growing inpatient no help from the kids pretending they were MAPS.COM  I pulled out my handy dandy iphone and punched in “how to get to the Hollywood sign” and sure enough it gave us the direct address. Hmmm….the Hollywood sign has an address who would have thought. Sure enough we found it…..but we could barely see it because they turned the lights off. Excuse me? I know that California is in debt but come on……couldn’t they just pay the bill and keep the sign on for those that would still love to see such a historic mark.