March 05, 2011

Teenage boys .....Here we go!!!!

Having three boys brings on some new experiences and by experiences I mean teenage boys and their curiosity of the opposite sex. Now, back in the day most boys knew where their dads’ stash of girly mags were kept, normally under the bathroom sink hidden behind the Clorox cleaner and rolls of toilet paper or wrapped up in a paper bag tucked in the night stand. 

I’m not na├»ve; I know the boys drool over pics of Megan Fox or those tightly, nearly clothed women on WWE. I’ve heard crude comments come out of their mouth regarding women which get quickly extinguished and then an ear full on how those comments are offensive. I know that they learn things from their peers at school and can simple google a phrase and up comes various porn sites…..but do you think I would have thought MY boys would have do such a thing?? HECK NO!!

Imagine the surprise when my ex-husband told me that my 15 yr old son was caught checking out porn at their house. Not my little boy…hmmmm yes my little guy..Well the embarrassment enough seized his curiosity. With that news, the Mister decided to check his laptop because his sons usually do all their face booking on it. Well ….I get a phone call at work and he lists all the “sites” that were visited.  All I’m thinking is “Great I’m not ready for this part….I wonder if Toys R Us has a therapy group for teenage boys who are pornoholics”, the Mister kept listing the names and I just finally told him to delete them and put extra “protection” on computers….and THEN I was thinking about my laptop. If my son had the nerves to do this on his dads’ computer what about mine?

Well….we were going to have a “intervention aka scare tactic” meeting after work, but the Mister was called into  work and it was my ex-husbands day to have my son. So the Mister confronted his boys  and  found out it was only his oldest son that had been searching those sites and came clean about getting a link from someone at school and then it just went on from there. After work, I went to confront my son…..still embarrassed he knew I knew and I asked him if he had “used” my laptop to fill his curiosity. With a quick no he settled my nerves, but then asked if the Misters oldest son got caught. With that I asked “you knew?”, he explained how he caught him about a month ago and told him that he better stop or not get caught and if he did not to mention his name.  I spoke to my son some more in regards to his curiously about unclothed women and he just promised that it wasn’t going to happen again. 

That didn’t stop me from inspecting my laptop and putting stronger preventive measures to stop them cold when they decide to have fun with google or you tube.

What’s next???     Maybe I should check under their mattress……..