March 04, 2011

The only diva in the house

Her name is Lily…and she’s a diva. With her 4 paws prancing up and down the hall ; tail wagging she knows she runs this house, and in reality it’s a tie between her and the cat!

I’ve had this cute ball of fur since she was 8 weeks old and she’s just not a “dog” she my furkid and quite the character . I’ve never seen a dog throw a temper tantrum like a two year old….but if she doesn’t get her way or if 30 minutes of ball throwing isn’t to her liking she will go in the corner with her ball and flop like a fish and kick her hind legs to let us know that she’s not happy. Now I thought this was cute when she was a puppy….now 2 years old and a MOM you would think she would stop this insane temper tantrums in front her child.  You gotta love her though !! 

Lil is a smart cookie and this surprised the Mister when he was first introduced to Miss Lily. You tell her to go get her baby (white teddy bear) she’ll search for it and if it’s outside all you have to say “you’re baby is outside go get it” and out the doggie door she goes!! and I swear I can just talk to her and she understands everything I say, with the tilt with her head and those dark convincing eyes I know she listened to everything I said about my day or my recent rants!!

As a mom she’s great!! She’s very attentive to little Dart and if he happens to get out of bed and roam the house late at night all I have say to Lily is to go find Dart and there she goes “huff” and all off the bed …prancing down the hall to find Dart, I hear a muffled bark and here they both come back to bed and  during play time she will make sure to bring his stuffed animal first and drop it in front of me and then she goes off and gets her ball. It’s her sense of selflessness that always tugs at my heart!! ….and when the rest of her puppies come to visit she gives me a look like she’s thankful for the first 1 hour and then it’s a look of “ok send them home”.  It always reminds me of when she was nursing her puppies and by week 2 she was exhausted and would hide under the bed and quietly growl and huff and thats when I stepped in and tried to settle the puppies with a warm blanket or some cuddling. I knew she needed a break, heck  four puppies hanging on her day in and day out I could understand her exhaustion. 

She's my little girl and she will always be my little Lily!!

her puppies