February 16, 2011

Here comes the Grouch

I know we all have a tendency of being snippy to the ones we love, even to those we can care less about. I can top Oscar the grouch late at night, because I can get a little snippy myself when it nears bedtime. 

But what I hate…..is when I ask a simple question to the mister and his response is razor sharp. Like this morning, I told him that I was going to deposit money into the account, without warning of the incoming jab he says harshly “I already did”.  Whhoooo settle down ……then I asked “you deposited $100 right”….and I should have known that it was coming again he said “no, $60 I didn’t have $100”. ……ouch, dang I won’t ask him anything again. 

I don’t know what it is, why a simple question can lead to a quick harsh response? …..and does he see it?? No, but do we truly want to acknowledge that “yeah maybe I shouldn’t have said it THAT way”. All I know is it’s getting old!!  I’m either talking to myself, assuming he’s listening…..then I end up answering for him or I get snapped at.