March 07, 2011

Our trip to wine country

The Mister and I took a trip to Temecula’s wine country and had the most amazing time. There’s nothing better than escaping the desert for a day of wine tasting, beautiful wineries and stunning vineyards. We started off our wine adventure at Callaway winery and just loved the ambiance of the tasting room, informative employees and the wine was oh so good! We then went across the way to Thronton Winery, we really didn’t stay long just because it was just consumed with so many events and their tasting room was moved outside ….it just seemed like it was scattered all over the place, so we opted to just leave and come back another time. That’s when we made a plan…..lets start from the top and work our way down.That brought us to Wilson Winery and it was amazingly breathtaking…..creeks, bridges, fountains, a beautiful restaurant and the tasting room was so inviting!! Then we were hooked!  We then ventured to Wiens Winery which blew us away…..and our wine guy “Richard” was so engaging, that the Mister and Mr. Wien guy just talked wine and memories, I didn’t quite mind their analogies  because Richard kept throwing wine our way!!

 I was amazed during the tastings how many memories the Mister had by just taking a sip of wine…… during one sip it brought him back to tasting honey suckle as a child and he looked at me like I had a honey suckle story as well….dude I grew up in Sylmar I wasn’t tasting anything that was growing in the field across from the house, because I truly doubt it was honeysuckle it probably would be some flower that would send me into some hallucination. Then while tasting a red wine he stated it tasted like a branch or a limb of a branch, I being on a wine high said “hmmm I don’t go around licking branches so I have no idea what a limb of a branch taste like”. He then explained to me it was more like a reed that you would use while playing an instrument, then while we were tasting a Muscat he talked about using it in a strawberry cake recipe…..wouldn’t that be awesome I thought !!

After our visit at Wiens Winery we headed to a few more before we decided that we HAD to go have something to eat!! But before going to dinner we were given such an awesome tip, I was to go to the CVS close to the wineries and there I would find so many of the wines from the wineries that we visited for pretty much half off and ……she was right!! 

We had such an amazing time and it was nice being back to a place I called home for a few years back in my late twenties. Temecula is such a beautiful place and wine country was just incredible!!